Felder Löttechnik Conservation

We care about environmental protection

Wir denken mit beim Umweltschutz

Responsible and fair metal management

We do not regard environmental protection as a "necessary evil", but see it as our responsibility to use the available resources sparingly and carefully.

It is particularly important to us that environmental protection is an integral part of all areas of the company. We believe that this is the only way to achieve sustainable development for the benefit of all employees, customers and partners.

That is why we are constantly looking for innovative solutions to remove hazardous substances from our products or at least reduce them to a minimum, just like the emissions that occur. For this purpose we have the most modern filter technology at our disposal. In addition, we operate a complete and consistent recycling system for the reuse of metal ash and dross and use only recyclable packaging.

But we haven't just started thinking "green" recently - we have been producing our environmentally friendly lead-free solders and solder pastes for 20 years. Especially in the electrical industry, but also in other branches of industry, we are very successful with our environmentally friendly concepts. We mainly use pure tin types that come from producers who are committed to providing good working conditions for their employees as well as to the environmental conditions within the mining areas. The wages of all employees must be sufficient to ensure a carefree future for the families. Therefore, one of our preferred tin producers is, among others, a company from Peru, whose company philosophy is based on transparency and thus on environmental protection, occupational safety and fair working conditions. Especially customers who have the highest demands on purity (especially low Pb-values < 50 ppm) or a European origin receive solders from European electrolytically extracted tin.

The same applies to recycling: Through our proven take-back system for waste from non-ferrous metals, we have been ensuring for many years that our customers can rely fully on the professional recycling of their metallic production waste. Together with the specialist disposal company from our branch in Southern Germany, almost all non-ferrous metal waste such as dross, ashes or chips can be professionally recycled.

Since 01.01.2020, FELDER GMBH has been producing all solders, soldering wires, fluxes and solder pastes from electricity that comes 100% from renewable energy sources. Our current quality certificate is valid for 683 megawatt hours for the year 2020. Compared to the general electricity supply, the environment is relieved by approx. 212t CO2 per year through the purchase of renewable energy.

For the protection of our employees, customers and end users and of course in the sense of a clean environment, we set high standards for ourselves and our work: Our special crucible coatings and production processes guarantee absolutely high-purity alloys. Furthermore, all our products are subject to in-house laboratory controls. Using state-of-the-art analytical equipment, such as emission spectrometers and IR spectrophotometers, we monitor the entire production process without interruption. We are happy to assist our customers with advice and practical support in environmental matters within the scope of our possibilities. As an additional service, we offer the monitoring of their soldering systems by means of regular solder bath analyses.

In order to guarantee these high standards permanently, we have adopted the following obligatory principles:

Environmental protection has top priority for FELDER GMBH, therefore
FELDER GMBH introduced a company-wide environmental management system according to ISO 14001:2015.
FELDER GMBH commits itself to comply with all relevant environmental laws and regulations and other requirements as well as
for the continuous improvement of all environmental services for the sustainable minimization of environmental impacts through a systematic review and further development of all operational processes.
As far as technically and economically feasible, FELDER GMBH will use all possibilities to reduce the use of environmentally hazardous substances to a minimum in the production and development of products.
FELDER GMBH will constantly strive to realize an efficient use of natural resources and energy in the company.
FELDER GMBH commits itself and its employees to a responsible treatment of the environment and the available resources.
FELDER GMBH will ask both its suppliers and the companies operating on its premises to commit themselves to these principles.
FELDER GMBH commits itself to an open dialogue with the responsible authorities and all interested parties