Wir denken mit beim Umweltschutz

We do not regard environmental protection as a “necessary evil”, but see it as our responsibility to keep our products free from compounds that are potentially harmful to health and the environment. This approach serves to protect our own employees as well as the end consumer and ultimately the interests of a clean environment.

Production using lead-free solders and solder pastes is particularly topical in the electronics industry as the use of lead will be banned from 2006. Manufacturing lead-free solders and solder pastes is nothing new for us any more.We have been producing these alloys for more than fifteen years for other industry sectors, so we already have many years of experience behind us.

Special crucible coatings and production processes ensure absolute high purity, lead-free alloys. In addition, all our products are subject to in-house technical laboratory checks. Using state-of-the-art analysis equipment such as emission spectrometers and IR spectrophotometers, the entire production process is monitored from start to finish.