ISO-Cream® „Clear“

The new SMD solder paste guarantees very good flow and wetting properties.

Lotpaste ISO-Cream "Clear"

Introduced at the “SMT 2015” and already appreciated by all customers:

The new solder paste ISO-Cream “Clear” is characterised by its excellent wetting properties on all surfaces. Even with low solder paste application of only 16 % of the pad area a 100 % wetting of the solder surface is reached after the reflow-process. ISO-Cream “Clear” is free of any thixotropic agents. Therefore, a steady viscosity and a very good contour stability are guaranteed at any time. Thus optimal printing results can be reached at any time, also after 200 prints or after printing breaks of 8 hours.

The bright, crystal clear flux residues guarantee an error-free inspection with AOI controlling systems.

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