Copper hard solder Cu-Rophos 2


Phosphor-containing copper hard solder for the flux-free soldering of copper pipes in the field of oil, gas and liquid gas installations as well as in heating and drinking water installations with pipe dimensions more than 28 x 1.5mm. Due to the silver content it is perfectly suitalble for applications in the field of refigeration, air conditioning and on vibration-strained units. Excellent flow properties: copper on copper without the use of additional flux. For soldering on brass and red brass, a hard solder flux (Cu-Rosil®) according to DIN EN 1045 – FH 10 must be applied. Suitable for soldering on gas and liquid gas units (working temperatures from -50 to +150°C). 

Product properties

Alloy: CuP 279
Lead free: ja

Delivery form

Content: 1,000 kg
Packaging unit: Karton à 1,- kg
Diameter: 3,000 mm
Kupferhartlot Cu-Rophos 2

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