Copper welding wire CuAg


Cu 106, DIN EN 1044
S-CuAg, DIN 1733
Material no. 2.1211

For gas welding of copper in the field of pipework and tank construction as well as for smithery.
Due to the content of phosphor it is also suited for WIG- and MIG-welding.
Good flow properties because of the sildver content. Easy-to-shape welding seam.


Composition (%) Ag0,80; P0,04; rest Cu
Working Temperature (°C) ca. 1.100
Melting Range (°C) 1.070-1.080
Tensile Strength (N/mm²) 220


Product properties

Alloy: Cu 1897
Lead free: ja

Delivery form

Content: 1,00 m
Packaging unit: Karton à 25 kg
Diameter: 2,000 mm
Kupferschweißdraht CuAg

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