SMD soft solder paste ISO-Cream "EL 3202"


The solder paste ISO-Cream® "EL 3202" is a homogenous, ready-to-use and odourless mixture made of metal powder, bonding agents, solvents, fluxes and thixotropic agents. This paste has excellent wetting qualities and is excellently suited for soldering of difficult surfaces. Circuit boards and component of most different types can be used. The solder result is always optimal. The flux residues show a very high surface resistance. The solder paste ISO-Cream® "EL 3202" is insensitive to humidity and temperature. It shows no tendency to solder-ball formation on chip-resistors and capacitors.

FELDER ISO-Cream® "EL 3202" has a very strong wet bonding force and is also suitable for machines with very high accelerations/decelerations. It has a very long stencil time and can be used in printing machines with a temperature control unit (very strong ventilation). The rheology of this paste has been optimised in order to achieve excellent printing qualities on narrow openings as well as a good first print after a break. Laboratory tests have shown that the first print after a break of 6 hours was flawless. FELDER ISO-Cream® "EL 3202" is excellently suitable for vapour phase applications.

Product properties

Alloy: Sn95,5Ag4Cu0,5
Lead free: ja

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Content: 0,500 kg
SMD Weichlotpaste ISO-Cream "EL 3202"

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