Electronic solder ISO-Tin® Sn95Ag+


Besides the known advantages of Ni-endowed solder, by adding silver and germanium our alloy achieves improved wetting properties on copper surfaces in the PCB manufacturing as well as minimal dross formation compared to all other lead-free solders. A particular advantage is the low melting temperature of 217°C. Furthermore, this Ag-addition leads to a further improvement of the solder joint's metal structure. Another advantage of FELDER - ISO-Tin® - LEAD-FREE "Sn95Ag+" is the low dealloyinig rate of copper (compared to common SnCu alloys up to 5 times lower). Particularly, temperature-sensitive components and circuit boards preferebly require low solder temperatures ≤ 260°C, which cannot be reached with conventional SnCu-solders.  

Product properties

Alloy: Sn95Ag+
Lead free: ja

Delivery form

Content: 0,400 kg
Packaging unit: Karton à 20 kg
Elektroniklot ISO-Tin® Sn95Ag+

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