Electronic solder ISO-Tin® Sn98Ag+


Temperature sensitive components and circuit boards require low solder temperatures, which conventional SnCu-solders do not reach. SAC-Solders with silver content between 3.0 and 4.0 % are expensive and require a wavesoldering process with innert gas. FELDER- ISO-Tin® - BLEIFREI "Sn98Ag+" provides low temperatures in normal atmosphere at moderate material costs and is also usable in older wave soldering machines which crucible and nozzles still were manufactued of V2A and do not provide innert gas. Besides of the known advantages of the Ni-endowed solders, by adding silver and germanium our alloys achieve improved wetting properties on all common surfaces in the electronics manufacturing and minimal dross formation compared to all other lead-free solders. A special advantage is the low melting temperature of 217 - 222 °C which is usually only reached by SAC solders with high sliver content between 3 and 4 %. An additional advantage is the low deallyoing rate of copper (compared to common SnAgCu-alloys 5 times lower). The low silver addition of 1.2 % in "Sn98Ag+" has no negative effect on the corrosive influence on stainless steel components. Futhermore, the Ag-addition leads to an additional improvement of the metal structure of the solder joint in comparision to SnCuNi-alloys,. 

Product properties

Alloy: Sn98Ag+
Lead free: ja

Delivery form

Content: 3,500 kg
Elektroniklot ISO-Tin® Sn98Ag+

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