Electronic solder SN100-403C


Lead-free solderings in wave and selective solder machines. Also usable in older wave soldering machines which crucible and nozzles were still manufactued of V2A and do not provide innert gas. The experience of our customers shows that in most cases innert gas is not necessary. Besides of the known advantages of the Ni-endowed solders, by adding germanium our alloys achieve improved wetting properties on all common surfaces in the electronics manufacturing and minimal dross formation compared to all other lead-free solders. "Sn100-403C" has a wide temperature range and can be applied in wave soldering starting at 265°C as well as in dip soldering process up to 350°C. However, a higher Ge-consumption and a increased Cu-reduction come along with a higher solder temperature. 

Product properties

Alloy: SN100-403C
Lead free: ja

Delivery form

Content: 4,000 kg
Elektroniklot SN100-403C

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