Solder wire "EL"


Residue-low, halide-free, no-clean solder wire. Specially adapted to the requirements of electronics manufacturing. The flux distinguishes itself in high temperature stability and is spatter-free during melting. The light-coloured, solid flux residues are either corrosive nore electrically conducting and can therefore remain on the solder joint. FELDER - ISO - Core® "EL" – LEAD-FREE has been tested and qualified by Siemens AG Berlin (Certification Body CT MM6) regarding electrical conductivity and electrolytic corrosiveness (dendrites growth). These certificates are available on request. Those solderings made with the following listed lead-free solder alloys are temperature-stable up to 150°C. A cryogenic temperature stability down to a minimum of -96°C is also ensured.

Product properties

Alloy: SN100-403C
Lead free: ja

Delivery form

Content: 0,500 kg
Diameter: 0,750 mm

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