Solder wire ISO-Core "Clear"


High-valued lead-free solder wire for hand and automatic soldering in electrical engineering, electromechanics and electronics. The flux inside distinguishes itself in high temperature stability and is spatter-free during melting. An optimal wetting as well as standard-exceeding spreading values make this high lead-free solder wire a top product among tubular solders. The new flux formula "Clear" is based on synthetical resins (colophony-free) and has been perfectly adjusted to the new requirements of the lead-free soldering technology:              

  •  high wetting speed and expansion on all common surfaces used in the electronics industry. 
  •  No (hurting) flux spatters on the assembly, components or the hands of the users.
  •  crystal-clear flux residues for an optimal appearance. 
  •  minimal outgassing and neutral smell for a more convenient working place. 
  •  easily removable residues from the soldering tips. They can be removed by conventional means (FELDER tinner, solder sponge, metal wool).
  •  100MΩ-test passed- also applicable in the assembly manufacturing.
  •  the tool life of the soldering tips are extended distinctly.


Product properties

Alloy: Sn100Ni+
Lead free: ja

Delivery form

Content: 0,500 kg
Diameter: 1,000 mm
Lötdraht ISO-Core "Clear"

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