Solder wire "Massiv"


Lead-free solid solder wire for the automated supply in selective solder machines. Lead-free solderings in the industrial component manufacturing as well as high-temperature applications e.g in the automotive industry (good temperature change stabilty at high temperatures). Besides of the known advantages of the Ni-endowed solders, by adding germanium our alloys achieve improved wetting properties on all common surfaces in the electronics manufacturing and minimal dross formation compared to all other lead-free solders. A special advantage is the low deallyoing rate of copper (compared to common SnAgCu-alloys 5 times lower). The low silver addition of 0.3 % in "Sn99Ag+" has no negative effect on the corrosiveness to stainless steel components. Futhermore, the Ag-addition leads to an additional reduction of the working temperature, an improved passage at THT applications und to a better wetting of the solder joint.

Product properties

Alloy: Sn99Ag+
Lead free: ja

Delivery form

Content: 4,000 kg
Diameter: 2,000 mm
Lötdraht "Massiv"

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