Silver hard solder AG 206


For hard soldering of steel, malleable cast iron, copper, copper alloys, nickel and nickel alloys. The solder joints are applicable without any reduction of stability at working temperatures up to +300°C. You can solder blank material in connection with a flux according to DIN EN 1045 – FH 10 (: "CuFe Nr. 1" paste or "CuFe P" pulver, respectively). Our cadmium-free silver hard solders have very good flux properties and high tensile strengths. 

Product properties

Alloy: Cu44ZnAg(Si)
Lead free: ja

Delivery form

Content: 1,000 kg
Packaging unit: Kunststoffbox à 1,- kg
Diameter: 1,500 mm
Silberhartlot AG 206

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