Gas welding wire G I


O I, DIN EN 12536 (G I 00, DIN 8554)
Material no. 1.0324
AWS-description: RG 45
Thin liquid melting bath

Joint welding for the engineering of machines, apparatuses,
boilers, pipes and vehicle manufacturing
St 34 – St 44,St37T – St44T
St 35, St35.8
Boiler plates H I – H II


Reference Analysis (%) C0,08; Si0,1; Mn0,50; Rest Fe
Tensile Strength (Rm) 360-420 N/mm²
Yield Point (Re) 250-140 N/mm²
Impact Energy (Av) 45J
Strain (A) 24-20%
Recommended Fuel Gas Acetylene- Oxygen


Product properties

Alloy: G I
Lead free: ja

Delivery form

Content: 1,00 m
Packaging unit: Karton à 25 kg
Diameter: 6,000 mm
Autogenschweißdraht GI

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