Palux 30H



The flux Palux 30 H is a development adapted to the requirements of lead-free tinning in HAL-systems. In comparison to lead/tin-solders, the higher process temperatures as well as the changed behaviour of wetting and oxidation were especially taken into account. Palux 30 H is also well suited for all PCBs produced by SMD-technology. After tinning the PCBs’ surfaces are glossy and show very good electrical surface resistances. Palux 30 H is

  • completely water-soluble and therefore residue-free washable
  • non-foaming,
  • peroxide-free
  • poor in solids.

Palux 30 H distinguishes itself in 

  • very good wetting of the PCBs
  • high temperature stability.

Palux 30 H

  • removes the oxide layer from the copper surface without corroding the metal.

Delivery form

Content: 30,000 kg
Packaging unit: 30,- kg Kanister

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