1a quality

with a practical design: the strip comes from inside from a ball shrinkwrapped in foil.

DVGW-certified PTFE thread sealing strips, for fine and coarse threads according to DIN EN 751-3

DIN DVGW mark of conformity NV-5142BL0134

according to DIN EN 751-2

duroplastic, kneadable sealing compound, plastic-based

FROSCHMARKE is guaranteed to be fireproof against open fire and temperatures above 1000 °C

chemical pipe cleaning agent

thread sealing paste for use with hemp

with DVGW mark of conformity

sealing- and sleeve cement

heat- and high pressure-resistant sealing cement

universal contact adhesive for rigid PVC

cleaning agent for pipes, sleeves and fittings of rigid PVC

liquid synthetic resin sealing agent, resistant against oil

according to DIN EN 751-1

Low strength thread sealant as piece for thread sizes to 3″.

DVGW clearance mark of conformity no. NG-5146AR0621.

DVGW clearance mark of conformity no. NG-5146AR0618.