ISO-Tin SN100C, SN100Ce, SN100CS, SN100CeS, SN100CL, SN100CLe, SN100CLe(+)

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We produce the complete SN100C-product range according to NIHON-Superior Patent
Patent-Nr. DE 69918758 / EP 0985486.

ISO-Tin SN100C®
ISO-Tin SN100Ce®
ISO-Tin SN100CS®
ISO-Tin SN100CeS®
ISO-Tin SN100CL®
ISO-Tin SN100CLe®
ISO-Tin SN100CLe(+)® 
ISO-Tin SN100CLeS®
ISO-Tin SN100CLeS(+)® 


are patented and further optimised developments of the conventional Sn99,3Cu0,7Ni-alloys with the well-known excellent properties:

Ni as barrier layer

-prevent the creation of tin-whiskers,
-to increase the creep strength of the soldering joint by reduction of the growth of the IM-phase,
-to prevent de-alloying marks on pot and nozzles parts of older soldering units with stainless-steel
 pots and on solder iron tips,
-the reduction of Cu-leachings.

Shiny soldering joints (no need of getting used regarding the appearance of lead-containing soldering joints).

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