High temperature solder ISO-Tin® Sn100Ni+ Refill


Lead-free soft solders for the tinning of varnished copper wires in dip and selective soldering machines at high solder temperatures up to 500°C (e.g. soldering at coil bodies or in the transformer construction). Due to the Ni-content of ISO-Tin® "HTL-Sn100Ni+" -REFILL, the copper dealloying will significantly be reduced compared to nickel-free standard solders. That was clearly proven in excessive studies. Also the reduction of the wire cross-section will considerably reduced during the solder process. This solder is made without phosphor to avoid a precipitation of phosphor at high solder temperatures.  ISO-Tin® "HTL-Sn100Ni+" -REFILL is applied for refilling of dip solder baths to compensate the the copper impurity resulting from the dealloying process. 

Product properties

Alloy: HTL - Sn100Ni+ Refill
Lead free: ja

Delivery form

Content: Pellets (Kegel 25/20mm)
Packaging unit: Karton à 15 kg
Hochtemperaturlot ISO-Tin® Sn100Ni+ Refill

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