HAL - electronic solder ISO-Tin® Sn99Ag+


Lead-free tinning of printed circuit boards and copper bands in horizontal and vertical HASL machines. The experience of our customers shows that in most cases innert gas is not necessary. Besides of the known advantages of the Ni-endowed solders, by adding silver and germanium our alloys achieve improved wetting properties on copper surfaces in the electronics manufacturing and minimal dross formation compared to all other lead-free solders. A special advantage is the low deallyoing rate of copper (compared to common SnAgCu-alloys 5 times lower). Thus the maintenance effort will significantly be minimised by skimming. The low silver addition of 0.3 % in "HAL-Sn99Ag+" has no negative effect on the durability of the machine parts made of stainless steel. Long-term tests have proven this. Futhermore, the Ag-addition leads to an further reduction of the working temperature, an improved metal structure of the solder joint and reduces considerably the thermal stain of the base material.

Product properties

Alloy: HAL - Sn99Ag+
Lead free: ja

Delivery form

Content: 0,400 kg
Packaging unit: Karton à 20 kg
HAL - Elektroniklot ISO-Tin® Sn99Ag+

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